composting process

What is Composting?

Composting is a totally natural and biological process. It involves such as food waste, leaves, grass trimmings, crop residue, etc. and turns it into a useful nutrient rich or organic fertilizer for your garden or you can sell out the fertilizer.  Composting is simple and easy to manage that can be carried out in any indoor or outdoor environment. It has the potential to manage most of the organic material in the waste stream including Restaurant waste, Household waste, Hospital waste, Shopping Mall waste, etc.

5 Steps to Composting :

1) Choose your Green Bin because bin has the advantage of being neat and keeping animals away.
2) Your Composter Location should be like Flat, Home, Restaurant, Shopping Mall, Hospitals, Institutes, etc.
3) Collect only organic components for composting.
Composting Components (organic) Non-Composting Components
Vegetables Meat/Fish/Bones
Fruit peels Plastics and Glass
Food waste Metals
Garden waste,  Green Leaves and Flowers Toxic material
Egg shells Charcoal
Coffee grounds Dairy products
Tea leaves Pet waste

Composting Elements

Composting Elements

Non Composting Elements

Non Composting Elements

4) Collect your Kitchen waste and Food waste and add into an Automatic Composting Machine.
  • TheAutomated machine transforms your wet waste into organic compost in 4 hrs to 24 hrs as per machine capacity.
  • The one-touch control is fully automatic, sensing composting status and controls the operation without the need of human supervision and providing feedback.
  • Shredder will convert a organic waste into small pieces.
  • Rigid Mixing Blades & Exhaust Blower will decompose all the waste into compost.
  • As Waste is added in the Machine Tank, Moisture in the waste is sensed by the Humidity Sensor. It turns the Heater on & Composting tank gets heated. As a result water vapours drain through the Drain pipe in liquid form.
  • 85 to 90 % Volume Reduction of Waste is achieved and at same time Micro Organisms turns the Waste into Compost.
  • If Plastic Bags OR Paper is added in the machine, it can be removed easily as it will come out from machine without any processing.

Food Waste Recycling

food waste recycling
5) By this process the machine will convert your waste into valuable and useful compost and you can use the compost for Gardens.

Benefits of Composting Machine

  • Rapid composting machine
  • Long Working Life and Powerful
  • Quick and Easy
  • Fully Automatic with one Touch Control
  • Take all types of organic waste
  • Output takes 4 Hrs to 24 Hrs.
  • Nil Labour
  • Up to 90% volume reduction
  • Noise Free, Odour-Free
  • Compact Machine
  • Safe for human handling
  • No Harmful Gases
  • No Methane Gas Releases
  • No Water Needed
  • No Draining
  • No venting
  • No Additives
  • Very good Design
  • Life of 20+ years
  • Maintenance Free Machine
  • Less Consumption of Electricity
  • Automatic Switch-Off for Overload

By this machine, what you get (Compost) can sell out and will be used at Home, Gardens, etc.