Did you know?

Average amount of food wasted everyday can provide about 100,000 meals for the less fortunate. That’s pretty shocking, but this is the reality which we are facing every day.

So are you all ready to take actions towards food waste? Here are 7 steps to reduce food waste and “NO TO FOOD WASTE” challenge.

1. Reduce Food Waste in Your Own Life

The most important ‘stop food waste’ and reduce your own personal food waste. To get started, take challenge of “NO TO FOOD WASTE”. In this challenge, you’ll analyze and optimize how much food you waste and why. So for this solution, plan a proper meal range, try to finish your whole meal, etc.

2. Share what you learn

Start Share what you’ve learned for food waste reduction with friends, family, classmates and colleagues. Share “NO TO FOOD WASTE” related videos; FB post, articles on social media, and shares it on your Watsapp group or invites people to learn more. For Ex:

“Up to 40% of food is wasted in the India! Here’s the solution: https://www.facebook.com/sukhiservices  #notofoodwaste”

3. Volunteer support with Local Food Rescue Organizations

Most of the organizations are working to rescue and provide edible food to those in need. Some of these organizations depend upon volunteer support. You can find local food donation and food rescue operations or check out these great organizations:

Feeding India

The Better India 

Sant Nirankari Mission

4. Start a Food Waste Campaign

Start bringing the “NO TO FOOD WASTE” message to community groups with whom you are involved with, such as your Office, Temples, Gurudwara, and children’s school. Take a new start by asking them to share information for food waste reduction. And then you can help them to reduce waste by starting a composting program (waste to compost machine WTC). If you already have a “green and eco-friendly team”, join them with your challenge and start food waste reduction challenge together. 

5. Support Businesses for Food Waste Reduction

There are a lot of Restaurants, Hotels and Stores making decisive step in sustainability. It’s time to know who are working in your area for food waste reduction. Ask businesses if they donate excess food to feed those who needs or if they compost their kitchen, restaurant and hotels waste. For solution, search for “sustainable,” “slow food,” “zero-waste” and “green” restaurants to find businesses in your area or ask them to compost food waste by composting machines: https://www.sukhiservices.com

6. Engage with Local Government

The last few years India has witnessed a huge shift towards cleanliness. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a great example of Prime Minister ‘Narendra Modi’s’ vision towards cleanliness and solid waste management.  Develop few ideas and identify the suitable person/s to meet with in your community or locality and with that Identify local environmental organizations or hunger relief organizations.

7. Organize a Food Waste Event in Your Area

We are working already and want you to organize an event for food waste reduction in your area. It helps the poor people; every child dies every 5 sec just because of Hunger.