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Sukhi Services is the first and the leading Sales and Support team for BHOR Engineering for Composite Machines and Organic Waste to Water Machines. Sukhi Services vision is to be a global leader in Sales and Support center for BHOR Engineering Manufacturing Renewal Management Technologies.

Sukhi Services is a company founded with an aim to provide sustainable, eco-friendly affordable solutions to the problems that millions of people face as direct result of rapid urbanization by using cutting-edge technology.

We provide Composting Machines Manufactured by BHOR Engineering Situated at Pune, Maharastra. Our automated machine transforms your wet waste into organic compost & our other machine that turns your organic wet waste into water in 24 hrs. These organic Composting and waste to water  Machines are designed for rapid performance. The one-touch control is fully automatic, sensing composting status and providing feedback and control to the operation without the need of constant human supervision.

organic composting machine - sukhi services

An ISO 9001 / TS 16949 : 2016 company through Engineering technology as a combination of man, machine and material. For superior product quality, it is essential for a manufacturer to make the best blend of these three factors. Bhor Engineering Private Limited was established about a decade ago with this simple principle and a drive to take up challenges, meet customer demands and go beyond in adding value and building relationships.


To evolve into a world class company providing affordable & sustainable products and services to our valued customers in the field of urban living and to be globally recognized as leaders in Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering and Waste Management Technologies.

Sukhi Services with collaboration with Bhor Engineering strives to be the leading integrated waste management EPC in the country with inhouse design, manufacturing, fabrication and support services in a vertically integrated model.


  • To solve the operational problems of our customers with brilliant solutions that make our customers lives easier and their businesses more successful.
  • To be the most caring, helpful, innovative and cost-effective Engineering company in the country
  • To provide high-performance waste processing technology and materials handling equipment Management of the solid waste and recyclable material in an environmentally sound, cost-effective, efficient and safe manner Management of the solid waste and recyclable material in an environmentally sound, cost-effective, efficient and safe manner
  • To reuse, reduce, recycle and intelligently dispose of waste materials
  • To promote composting, pollution and waste prevention and sustainable living practices in the country
  • To increase the rate of recycling, composting and waste reduction through our Product
  • To ensure opportunities for personal growth, improved co-working and shared life enrichment of our employees, our business partners and the communities in which we operate.