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Tips to Use Converted Water from Your Organic Waste

Are you looking for some ways through which you can use converted water from your organic waste? Well, in this article we are going to discuss the waste water usage tips that can be implemented by anyone. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.Read More…

Why Composting is Important?

It is the procedure by which microorganisms separate complex natural issue, for example, kitchen squander into basic and helpful supplements for the dirt. Did you realize that you could turn that kitchen squander that contains sustenance scrap things, vegetable and natural product squander, supper remains, tea packs, stale bread, grains and fridge waste into quality helpful manure in only four hours? Read More..


A road trip is a term with many definitions. It can be termed as short or long distance journey on the road. It can also be defined as a long trip or holiday taken by a bus or a car.A road trip can also mean a driving vacation.  However, a perfect road trip is determined by preparations done prior to the day of the trip… Read More


It is the process by which microorganisms break down complex organic matter such as kitchen waste into simple and useful nutrients for the soil. Did you know that you could turn that kitchen waste that comprises of food scrap items, vegetable.. Read More

Waste to Water Machine

In the fast developing world, there are thousands of industries which produce the waste for the planet. Not only that even the humans produce a lot of waste in different forms such as through excretion, food wastage, power production etc. These wastes ideally cause the lands to lose the fertility and cause the waters to be contaminated with filth. Read More

7 ways to avoid food waste

Food is an essential component for human survival. It is the basic need which we fulfill each and every day. This means that the average human being consumes around 2500 calories of food each day and over trillions of calories of food are consumed by people all around the world within a month. It is not a surprise that most people waste a lot of food which they do not eat or is just simply wasted due to over cooking. Read More..

Waste to Water – Food waste Digester and Recycling

Food wastage is a global issue which has been arising due to excessive food being wasted constantly due to abundant reasons. This valuable and precious food not only goes to waste but also makes unwanted or unneeded production to come into process to properly dispose off that food. People have been throwing away the rotten and smelly food into the trash for over a millennia. And the reason behind is not only because the food is rotten but also that the food was never needed in the first place. Read More

Zero Waste is our Revolution

Most people are quite familiar with the term waste and compost. But not many people know that these days some companies are manufacturing the machines which can turn waste materials to compost. Some new technologies are also there which can turn food wastes into high quality compost. You can put anything in that machine and it will give you super high quality compost which can be used to fertilize the soil and farming. And when I say anything it can be anything from waste food materials, rotten vegetables, rotten fruits, grass or leaves. These all are the main and common ingredients of compost which can later on be used in the form of compost for farming and gardening purpose. Read More

Swachh Bharat Mission: Highlighter of Good Governance

Swachh Bharat Mission is one such campaign which apart from just public appeal also brings an opportunity for MSMEs to perform and differentiate. Now, in order to understand the potential and the key differentiation that the Swachh Bharat Mission can create is through Solid Waste Management. One must understand how Solid waste management can be executed at the source level. Read More

Let’s Take a Stance on Food Waste Reduction for Clean & Green India

We tried to take a stance through the personal choices we make in our everyday life. We are strong team, and we compost all of the food waste i.e. generate at home.
We realize now how terrible it is to leave food on plate when approximately one-third of all food produced in the world intended for human consumption is lost or wasted, while one in nine people remain undernourished. Read More