We tried to take a stance through the personal choices we make in our everyday life. We are strong team, and we compost all of the food waste i.e. generate at home.
We realize now how terrible it is to leave food on plate when approximately one-third of all food produced in the world intended for human consumption is lost or wasted, while one in nine people remain undernourished.
Our team actively working in the area of solid waste management within North India. The solid waste have become so huge in almost every small or big cities in India. The second challenge that we are facing is the availability of water. Declining water levels have become common challenge across India.


Our organization has come up with a unique Technology which reduces your waste easily. In place of 25kg organic waste in return you get 3kg compost per day.

It involves such as food waste, leaves, grass trimmings, crop residue, etc. and turns it into a useful nutrient rich or organic fertilizer. The Compost is in high demand for Gardening, Plantation and Agriculture & Horticulture.

You can sell out the fertilizers at compost shops and earn the money also instead of giving money to the garbage man.

New Delhi based Sukhi Services has been appointed as the sales and support partner for Bhor Engineering and is actively working in the area of solid waste management within North India. “We have started talking to Government officials, Municipal Councilors and entrepreneurs who are working in the area of facilities management such as hotels, academic institutions etc. We are getting the great response from the market regarding an interest level for the machines and for the concept as a whole. The company is driven by an innovative solution for one of the top problems of Urban and semi-urban India.

We are addressing the mega problem of solid waste by offering an innovative and extremely efficient solution through its ‘Waste to Compost machines’.