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Do you know how much waste is generated in India in a year? Well, according to the recent study more than 31 million waste is generated in India annually. And India is also placed on the list of the top 10 waste generating nations in the world. These statistics are quite shocking but we can’t neglect the reality. Due to pollution, many people are suffering from various health issues.

To manage such waste, the government has launched the Swachh India Campaign in order to get rid of this waste. This Swachh Bharat Campaign promotes the use of the compost and conversion of the waste into the compost.

A brief glance at composting:

Composting has become the new solution to manage such huge waste. Also, it is the simplest way through which waste management is done properly and quickly. The plus point is that the composting can be done at our home. Basically, in composting, the decomposition of waste into the nutrient full soil takes place.

Some of you may think that composting is a complicated process, but for your information, it is not at all the complicated process. It can be done easily if you have a proper knowledge about the composting. There is a myth in our society that composting is too difficult and it requires a very large space.

You may be thinking what we should do in the composting process or what is the exact procedure of the composting. But don’t worry below is the step-by-step guide that you must follow if you want to try your hands at the composting.

1) First of all, find the place for the composting process:

Generally, you can do outdoor composting and indoor composting. For outdoor composting, you require a larger space. Some of you may don’t have an outdoor area or your own garden to do composting. So, those who have a problem of lack of area can go for the indoor composting. You can also do composting in your kitchen.

2) The second step is to separate the waste:

Start separating the different types of waste like waste related to paper, plastic, glass, vegetables in separate containers. While doing composting most of the people ignore this step. It is one of the prominent steps in the composting process. The main advantage of the segregation of waste into different containers is that it makes the composting process an easier one.

The government of India has distributed millions of dustbins to people so that they can separate and keep the dry and wet waste in different dustbins.

Do you know that you can’t decompose every waste material? Well, following are the substances that cannot be processed through the composting process: Fruits like lemon, onion, any type of meat, bones, different kinds of coloured paper and ashes. Along with these materials, you cannot decompose the batteries, different electronic components.

3) Now, build the composting container:

After the segregation of waste, you must go for constructing the container in which you can carry out the composting. Always, prefer using the large container for composting process:

For the ventilation of air in the container, make 4 to 5 holes around that big container. Also, add the soil at the bottom layer of the container. Some of you may have a query that what must be the depth of this soil layer? The answer to this question is not fixed. It varies according to the size of the container. For instance, if you are using a big container for the composting process then, the depth of this soil layer must be 4 inches.

4) It is the time to implement the process of composting:

Now, after doing the above arrangement a time has come to start the actual composting process. Always add dry waste and wet waste alternatively. It is very important in the composting to keep the balance of the dry waste and wet waste. For example, if you have added some leafy vegetables then cover them with dry waste materials like newspaper or sawdust. You must add ample amount of the soil in this container and must properly mix this soil with waste. If the materials are not present in the appropriate proportion then, the container will start to smell after sometimes.

If the above steps are not properly followed then, there is a possibility that you will not get the superb quality of the compost. So, don’t hesitate to follow the above steps carefully. Some people are also doing the composting business and in turn, earning a large amount of money.

The compost has a high demand because it is very useful in the agriculture. It makes the soil fertile and also helps in the fast growth of the plants.

Following are the additional steps that you must follow to produce a quality compost:

  • It is highly recommended to spray some water on each layer of dry and wet waste.
  • Another thing is that you must maintain a proper temperature of the container. The temperature must not be high as well as too low. Carry out the composting at the moderate temperatures.

Let’s talk about the popular machine which converts waste into compost within a single day that is the Bhor Composting Machine.

Bhor Composting Machine is the best device for getting compost in a very short time. This machine operates automatically and converts the waste material into the compost in just 20 hours. It is an eco-friendly machine. The Bhor Compost machine is efficient and most productive.

This machine has a very attractive design. Though it is moderate in size, it has a capability of converting a large amount of waste into compost. Advanced technology is used while making this machine and it comes at the affordable price.

In short, if you really curious to carry out composting then, don’t hold yourself back from doing it. As previously stated, you can start your own composting business and can earn huge profits. The composting business is now in trend. Also, follow the above-mentioned steps to get a nutrient-rich compost.

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