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We are the first and the leading Sales and support team for Bhor Engineering of Eco Friendly Automatic Composting Machine,  from Dwarka, New Delhi, India.

Important Features:

  • Composting Process is Totally Natural & Biological Process.
  • Rapid composting machine
  • Long Working Life
  • Fully Automatic with one Touch Control
  • Take all types of organic waste
  • Output takes 24 Hrs.
  • Nil Labour
  • Up to 80-90% volume reduction
  • Remove output once in every 2-3 days
  • Noise Free & Odour-Free
  • Compact Machine
  • safe for human handling
  • Does not generate Harmful Gases
  • Very good Design
  • Life of 20+ years
  • Maintenance Free Machine
  • Less Consumption of Electricity
  • Automatic Switch-Off for Overload

Special Features:

  • Bhor Composting Machine is Fully Automatic. It Decomposes all kind of Organic Waste into Compost within 20 hrs. This entire process is Noiseless and Odorless.
  • Machine has a composting tank with toughened & corrosion resistance Stainless Steel Material.
  • Touch Screen, Humidity Sensor, Heater, Rigid Mixing Blades & Exhaust Blower will make the Machine Easy Operative & Maintenance Free.
  • Properly Segregated Organic Waste to be added in the Machine Tank.
  • As Waste is added in the Machine Tank, Moisture in the waste is sensed by the Humidity Sensor. It turns the Heater on & composting tank gets heated. As a result water vapours drain through the Drain pipe in liquid form.
  • 85 to 90 % Volume Reduction of Waste is achieved and at same time Micro Organisms turns the Waste into Compost in Just 20 Hrs.
  • Plastic Bags OR Paper is added in the machine, it can be removed easily as it will come out from machine without any processing


Hard Material like Big Bones , Coconut Shell OR Metal Parts added in the machine tank ,it can damage the Blades & also the Tank . Hence any inorganic or non-compostable items are strictly prohibited.