food waste recycle

It is estimated that over billions of tons food is wasted every year. Now it’s the time to consider how you reduce your food waste?  May be you got surprised that how easy it is to do and how much money you can save per year. So follow the below information for your food waste reduction.

Pre-consumer food waste

Pre-consumer food waste includes organic thing thrown away before food is served to guests, like rotten food, vegetables peels, fruits peels, sliced, etc that wasn’t used for Dishes.

Post-consumer food waste

Post-consumer food waste includes the food scraps, leftover, etc guests leave behind that wasn’t used.


  1. Avoid taking extra food order.
  2. Make use of every part of your ingredients like fruits stalks and vegetable stalks are often considered useless and are thrown away. Instead of trashing these components to the trash, use them in soups and sauces or as a garnish on dishes.
  3. Offer guests take-out containers because average guest leaves behind about 17% of their meal. Instead of just throwing the scraps into the trash, give your guest a carry-out box, so they can take your tasty meals at home.
  4. Start composting this is an inventive recycling method that turns organic materials like egg shells, Food waste, vegetables, fruits, leaves, etc into nutrient-rich soil or compost. For composting start using composting machines for food waste reduction.
  5. Composting Machines are designed for rapid composting performance.
  6. Automated machine transforms your wet waste into organic compost in 4 -24 hrs as per capacity of the machine.


By composting machines 85 to 90 % Volume Reduction of Waste is achieved and at same time Micro Organisms turns the Waste into Compost in Just 20 Hrs.